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Welcome to MedCity

A Comprehensive Medical Care Center & Retirement Community

Why do people choose to retire outside America and Europe?

  • The number of retirees overseas has more than doubled in the last 10 years
  • More than half a million U.S. retirees receive their Social Security benefits abroad
  • Technology has made it easier to stay in touch with family and friends
  • The American dollar and Euro have more buying power in countries with a favorable exchange rate
  • Healthcare expenses are much lower outside USA and Europe
  • Cost of living is very low outside USA and Europe

Why do people choose to retire in Kerala, India?

  • Better medical care
  • Availability of trained and educated caregivers
  • Religious harmony
  • Moderate climate
  • Rich culture and traditions
  • Superior transportation facilities
  • Retire in style in "God's Own Country"

Why Choose Us?

We are conveniently located at Thellakom, Kottayam District, Kerala, India in a major "hospital hub" close to M.C Road.

  • Walkable distance to Matha hospital
  • Walkable distance to Caritas hospital
  • 5 Major hospitals within 5 mile radius
  • 7 Churches within 1 mile radius
  • Ettumanoor temple 3 miles away
  • Kottayam railway station less than 7 miles away
  • Kumarakom tourist center 15 miles away
  • Kochi international airport 50 miles away


World-class services and amenities arranged at a highly competitive price.

  • In most cases, U.S.Social Security income or other pension plans will cover all expenses
  • Residents have the choice to pay a fixed amount up front and have no worries for the rest of their lives
  • Residents have a choice to entrust their assets/property in India or abroad and stay free with the proceedings of the sale
  • Limited numbers of Independent living apartments are available for sale


We provide American and European standards in our facilities.

  • Construction and design to meet international standards
  • Handicap access rooms and bathrooms
  • Air conditioned apartments
  • Recreational areas and activities
  • Worship center/chapel
  • Office area for work/business
  • Health and fitness center
  • Walking trail inside gated property
  • Gardening area and green house
  • Gated community with security
  • Daily housekeeping and laundry services
  • Kitchenette, TV, fridge, microwave etc. in each apartment
  • Fully furnished apartments with single or double occupancy
  • WiFi and Internet Café


We offer wide range of services at little or no cost.

  • Meal services in room and in the dining area
  • Doctors and nurses on staff
  • Periodic medical examination and treatment
  • Continuum of care from Independent to Assisted Living and to Convalescent/Long Term Care within the community
  • Ambulance services to transport for medical emergencies
  • Trained and courteous staff round the clock
  • Medical insurance program at an affordable cost
  • Transportation to local churches, bank, hospital, tourist places etc.
  • Airport services to pick up or drop off
  • Funeral arrangements
  • Fully furnished apartments and villas within a mile available for family/friends/visitors
  • Prayer and religious services offered daily

Our Facilities

Shalom Twilight Homes

We offer independent apartments for people aged 50 and older. Common areas include dining rooms, recreation rooms, offices (to work independently), prayer rooms, gardens, gyms, walking trails, etc. There will also be dining and housekeeping services, recreational activities, excursions, board and card games, transportation to local places (including hospitals, banks, airports, shopping centers), and many more services available to residents.

  • Independent Living Center: Intended for those who function independently; apartment includes living area, bathroom, bedroom, and small kitchenette;optionally furnished with refrigerator, TV, sofa, and bed; customers have the choice to rent or buy apartment/ services.

  • Assisted Living Center: Intended for those who are physically challenged and need assistance with daily activities; fully furnished with refrigerator, TV, sofa, and bed; meals will be provided in room or dining hall; daily housekeeping and laundry services as needed; medical assistance as needed; doctors on call, nurses on site.

  • Adult Day Care Center: A place for senior citizens to spend day time while children and other relatives are busy with daily work and other businesses. Seniors will be picked up from their home in the morning and dropped off in the evening. Food, medication administration, toileting, recreational activities tec. will be provided while staying at the retirement community.

St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center

Offers a full range of rehabilitation and long term care services; includes physical, occupational, and speech therapy; patients who suffered from stroke, motor vehicle accidents, cardiac arrest, or other medical conditions will be treated after discharged from the hospital.

  • Outpatient Rehab: Private and semi-private rooms are available within the center; patients also can stay at a fully furnished apartment with family within the center or apartments located less than a mile away from center (daily transportation provided).
  • Inpatient Rehab: Private and semi-private rooms are available within the center; daily nursing care, dining and housekeeping services offered. Accommodation for the family members or visitors shall be arranged in the fully furnished guest apartments.
  • Long Term Care Center: Residents can stay in private or semi-private rooms within the center; 24/7 nursing care provided; doctors on call; meals, housekeeping, and recreational services provided; transportation to any hospital in 5 mile radius.
  • Dialysis Center: Outpatient hemodialysis center; full privacy; living accommodations can be arranged in nearby apartments.
  • Urgent Care Center: Examines and treats patients who do not require inpatient hospitalization.
  • Outpatient Clinics: Doctors available to consult and treat patients by appointment.
  • Specialty Centers: Specialty doctors, such as cardiac, neuro, orthopedic, sports medicine etc. available by appointment.

Other Services

MedOption Pharmacy and Medical Equipment

Medicine and medical supplies available for purchase/rent; open to the public and residents/patients.

  • Onsite Pharmacy: Prescription and over the counter medications.
  • Medical equipment: Wheelchairs, electric beds, water/air mattress, canes, walkers, commodes, hospital supplies, etc. for sale and rent.


Complete diagnostic center with Lab, X-ray, CT scan, Echo, Ultrasound, ECG & EEG.

MedCity Ambulance Services

Private ambulance available on site to transport patients to/from hospitals and employees to/from home health care.

MedCity Wellness Center

Equips customers with the tools they need for a healthy lifestyle.

  • TotalGym: Cardiac and weight training; personal trainers available.
  • Health counselling: Health education given on selected topics such as diabetes, healthy lifestyle, alcoholism, cardiac conditions, smoking cessation, wound care, women's health, etc.
  • Physical examination: Routine full body examinations available.

MedCity Home Health Services

Routine home visits and health care services will be provided to sick and elderly patients. Home visits by MD and home nurse; services include blood sugar testing, wound care, vital signs, Foley catheter change, etc.; transportation provided for nurses and home health aides as needed.

MedCity Paramedical Training

Courses offered for home health aide, nursing assistants and other paramedical.

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My wife and I were living in America for the last 35 years. We worked hard and now it is time for our retirement life. We always wanted to spend the rest of our life in Kerala, but were afraid of lack of security and medical care. MedCity help us to achieve our dream and we are looking forward to spend our retirement life in Kerala in style!